The Power of Scale

When Sachs Electric and Parsons Electric combine, a unique entity emerges – ArchKey Solutions – whose scale and innovation remain unrivaled by any one electrical contractor.

Welcome To a New Era of Construction

ArchKey Solutions has the power to transform an entire industry by uniting two powerhouse brands – Sachs Electric and Parsons Electric – under one umbrella.

Harnessing the power of growth and continuous improvement as a platform to help our people thrive, Sachs Electric and Parsons Electric unite with The Power of Scale solving complex challenges with unparalleled innovation.

No longer confined by traditional paradigms, we are the force that is breaking free, scaling in ways others cannot and solving industry challenges in an entirely new way.

Sachs Electric
Founded in 1925, Sachs Electric has risen to a place of prominence in electrical contracting, currently ranked one of the Top 50 Electrical Firms in the country by Engineering News Record and recognized as an industry leader in solving complex challenges of large power generation, industrial installations, and mission critical projects.

Based in St. Louis, MO with presence nationwide, Sachs Electric is backed by full service brands like Sachs Alternative Energy, Sachs Service, Sachs Select, Sachs Systems, Sachs Automation and Sachs Civil to deliver a diversified portfolio of electrical and technology services to General Contractors and Building Owners across the U.S.

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Parsons Electric

Founded in 1927, Parsons Electric LLC has grown to become one of North America’s premier electrical and technology providers. Based out of Minneapolis, MN with national presence, Parsons Electric, Parsons Technologies, MEI and ecs, have made a living off of successful completion of projects others say can’t be done; solving complex challenges throughout the industry and one of the early adopters of Lean Construction.

Through our use of leading-edge technology, we design the systems we install, we perform our installations efficiently and safely, and we deliver best-in-class solutions to General Contractors and Building Owners around the nation.

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