Enriching Lives

Whether in the office, in the field, or through one of our mentorship opportunities, we’re committed to supporting communities and the people that work and live within them.

From the city infrastructure, streetlights and highways to the buildings that make a community thrive and give it purpose, our teams are building communities that enrich lives.

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We bring the facilities to life that provide community infrastructure, support communities, local businesses, jobs, and families.

Our projects are more than just the work that we do, they have an amazing capacity to impact lives, connect people, and transform a community.

That’s why we want our workforce to be reflective of the communities we operate and reside in through hiring practices, community involvement, and charitable giving.

Dedicated to Building Inclusive Communities

We’re committed to making lives better by investing in the communities and people who have invested so much in us.

We strive to create a workplace that mirrors the diverse communities we work, live and reside in all across the U.S. that not only appreciates, but celebrates our differences.

As a leader within the industry, ArchKey Solutions is committed to driving change that supports diversity, equity and inclusion both internally and externally across all levels of our workplaces, job sites, customers, suppliers, vendors, and stakeholders. Our vision is to become a leader in the advancement of DE&I not just in our enterprise, but across the industry.

Our differences help us scale to new heights through different viewpoints and perspectives. In our business it doesn’t matter where you come from, your background, or what you look like, it’s about bringing our unique experiences together to achieve more.

Together, we can achieve the impossible.

A Supportive Culture of Inclusivity

It’s not just about our work, it’s about the people that do the work. There’s no one size, shape, color, or perspective that fits our mold. Every project, every challenge, and every team member is different. It’s these differences that make us who we are at ArchKey. 

ArchKey Solutions welcomes any individuals that want to work hard, live our core values, and transform an industry.

Our culture is based upon three primary tenants of engagement, awareness, and accountability. These tenants will be guided by our principles of PRIDE comprised of the Power of our people, Respect for our differences, Intentional inclusion, Driving change, and Embracing equality.

Our Three Primary Tenents

  • We will create an environment where all people can feel accepted and valued.
  • We will ensure that all employees are represented and have the opportunity to create meaningful change in their departments and in our organization.
  • We will create advancement opportunities that are clearly outlined and attainable/open to all team members.
  • We are committed to creating and celebrating diverse and inclusive workforces that are embodied throughout our organization and leadership teams.

We will raise awareness with our employees that our differences strengthen and unite each platform company at local, regional, and national levels.

  • We will provide Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Training and Development opportunities to our employees.
  • We will look for opportunities to celebrate differences by embracing and celebrating the rich dimensions of diversity that our employees bring.
  • We will encourage the use and support for W/MBE businesses wherever possible.

Every ArchKey Solutions employee is expected to not only promote our inclusive culture, but to be agents of change to ensure our workplaces are free from discrimination and advance our DE&I vision.

  • Providing tools and resources for safe, anonymous reporting.
  • Providing regular training and educational opportunities on DE&I.
  • We will hold everyone accountable for achieving DE&I objectives and KPIs.

Become Part of a Culture That Cares