Changing An Industry

ArchKey is changing the way we think about construction and maintenance. Through The Power of Scale, we unite the best in the industry delivering electrical, technologies, and specialty solutions better, faster, and smarter than ever before.

The Birth of a New Era Built for Scale

Clay Scharff, Executive Chairman, and founder of ArchKey Solutions saw the market expanding—from growing market needs to expanding campus sizes and aging infrastructure. The demand for more complex, sustainable, and sophisticated electrical and technologies systems was increasing rapidly.

What wasn’t increasing as rapidly was the number of contractors with the financial and physical resources to successfully complete the builds on their own. In many cases, larger, more highly sophisticated projects required the partnership of two, even three, contractors. This meant introducing two companies, two labor forces, and two sets of processes into an already complex build process.

Clay saw an opportunity to start building an enterprise of problem solvers capable of tackling the industry’s challenges no matter the scale, geography, or complexity. In this vision, an enterprise that would forever change the industry was born. An enterprise now known as ArchKey Solutions.

Welcome to a new era of construction.

The Power of Scale

Our company is centered on The Power of Scale, which is the vision on which our entire organization is founded and our goals are built. The Power of Scale is about more than just a tagline, it is about ability. The ability to build not only the infrastructure of today, but also shape the future. It is about the ability to enact change and push new boundaries by having the scale and resources to invest in our people and processes. It is about the ability to set free the minds that will shape our tomorrow and see what possibilities lie ahead.

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ArchKey’s Vision

Our vision is more than inspiration, it's a game changer born to solve real challenges in an entirely new way. Through The Power of Scale, ArchKey Solutions scales in ways others cannot through the shared resources, expertise and capability of each of our platform companies.

ArchKey’s Purpose

Ultimately, who we are as a company, the culture we build and what we put out into the world leads to our company purpose – why we do what we do. We enrich lives. We bring the power that saves lives, protects the memories we hold dear, connects us to others, and brings communities to life. What we do has meaning far after we've done our job.

ArchKey’s Core Values

How we build our team to achieve this vision is based on our core values – values that are reflected and embodied in the individuals that make up our team. Together these values make up the word POWER because we believe that these are the values that will power our success together and with our customers.

Problem Solving

This is who we are at heart and what is in our DNA. We love a challenge and with our extensive experience and seasoned team we can meet those challenges head on with confidence.

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Optimizing Teams

We pride ourselves on a collaborative environment sharing knowledge and insights. Our culture puts the right people in the right seat for success on every project and is centered on the use of Lean tools and systems to work collaboratively focusing on data-driven continuous improvement.


World-Class Integrity

We do the right thing – always.

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Empowering Others

We empower individuals to lead and be accountable for growth and continuous improvement.

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Reinforcing Safety

Pioneering thought-leadership and practice to ensure safety remains at the forefront of everything we do. It is the foundation of what we are built upon which is also why it sits at the bottom of our stack of core values.

Culture That Gets It Done

Our culture is made up of 3 primary components – the vision we are built upon, the core values we use to build the team that will support this mission, and the reason behind why it all matters, our purpose. It’s a culture that gets it done.

Meet the ArchKey Senior Leadership

For all media inquiries, please contact Karen Danielson, ArchKey Director of Marketing

“The need for complex electrical and technologies systems is growing rapidly, increasing the demand for the scalable services that ArchKey is uniquely positioned to provide.”
– Clay Scharff, Executive Chairman

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Together, We Can Build Big Things. Join Our Team.