The ArchKey Project Delivery Model

Our teams have developed a fully integrated delivery system and process across the entire project lifecycle. Our process combines preconstruction planning, BIM/VDC design, off-site manufacturing, onsite work with just-in-time-deliveries and advanced work packages, as well as full metrics and tracking for a first-of-its-kind, completely transparent delivery model.

Nearly a century of hands-on experience has led to the development of our proven project delivery model.

Improved Safety Through Reduced Workforce & Pre-Planning

Lower Carbon Foot Print & Reduced Waste

Improved Quality in Controlled Environment

Reduced Onsite Labor

Improved Budget & Performance Tracking

Improved Efficiency & Productivity

No More On-Site Surprises - Gain Complete Project Visibility

No matter your size project or location, the ArchKey Project Delivery Model ensures that your project flows through our standardized process for project delivery that is constructable, trackable, and transparent.


Optimization of preconstruction activities is a critical advantage that yields numerous customer benefits. From constructability and value analysis, early design solutions, scheduling and workforce planning to procurement and risk assessments, our preconstruction team is highly skilled at delivering value on projects that maintain your budget, safety, and scheduling needs.

Benefits of Our Process

Engineering & Design

With more than $1B in design-build experience, our team is the largest engineering team among electrical contractors.

Our robust team includes lighting designers, technical power designers, BIM modelers and electricians working with you or alongside architect and engineering firms to develop LOD 500 constructible designs.


50+ Design Engineers on Staff With More Than $1B in Design-Build Experience

Trained & Certified

Professional Engineering Licenses in 49 States


Revit, Navisworks, BIM 360, & Stratus


ArchKey certifies all of our field leaders and project managers through the Lean Leadership Institute. Through Lean construction planning, our teams collaborate and plan work to ensure we adhere to schedule and budget – no matter what challenges may arise.

Our schedules include material delivery dates, production dates for off-site manufacturing, jobsite deliveries for just in delivery, and installation plan as well as ensure we have the proper labor resources on each and every project as needs change.

Scheduling Work:
Lean Last Planner System

Team defined milestones. What does each milestone look like?
Team pull planning session on each phase of work, including underground, rough-in, etc.
Team weekly review of the next six weeks of work to identify and remove constraints.
Team planning of daily work for the upcoming week.
Team daily check-in meeting to review daily plan and adjust plan as needed.

Off-Site Construction

Our off-site construction is all about turnkey installation for fast and reliable work flow. We build components in a controlled environment that promotes safety and quality while eliminating waste on our job sites. All systems are quality tested prior to leaving our off-site shop so once on-site it’s as simple as plug and go.

Benefits to Off-Site Construction:

On-Site Readiness

Leverage BIM designs for the complete integration of manufactured assemblies, providing quality checks for on-site readiness.

Quality Controlled

All work is completed in a quality-controlled space maximizing safety conditions and craftsmanship.

Workforce Leveling

Depending on the schedule, most of the project can be constructed off-site - minimizing on-site employees.

Onsite Construction, Testing & Commissioning

Creating efficiencies through thoughtful planning is one of the primary focuses of our team. Project sites can easily become congested with excess material, multiple trades, and regular construction activities which can compromise work flow, production, and safety.

With the use of off-site construction, our systems are quality tested prior to arriving on-site. Once installed, our QA/QC teams install, commission and ensure systems are in proper working condition.

QA/QC, Start-Up, & Commissioning Planning Starts Before Construction

Metrics & Tracking

Visibility and transparecy into schedule, production, and budget is critical to any successful project. That’s why all of our design, off-site manufacturing, and onsite installation are tracked separately to each individual kit. This allows our team to identify trends, and early risk mitigation.

Budget Tracking & Accountability

Transparent Work Process

Eliminate surprises during the construction process. With analytics and metrics you can easily track a project from beginning to end.

Budget Tracking

Each work package receives a clear scope from BOM and shop drawings ensuring that all planned, actual and EV spend is tracked and allocated for.

Facility Services & Maintenance

From preventative maintenance to 24/7 repairs and disaster recovery, our uniformed, experienced, and licensed technicians provide safe, reliable, and responsive service for all your facility’s electrical, technology and life safety needs.

Service & Maintenance Solutions

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