Architect of the Capitol – Cannon House Renovation

The oldest office building on the Capitol campus, the Architect of the Capitol Cannon House dates back to 1908. The building underwent a top-to-bottom renewal to update the 826,465 square foot facility’s safety, health, operational and environmental standards, setting it up to operate for the next century.

Scheduled to take approximately 10 years, the Cannon House renovation was broken apart into multiple phases which aligned with congressional move cycles so as not to interrupt operations. Phase 0 began with installing building utilities while phases 1-4 started with the west wing, followed by the north, east, and finally the south wing. Construction occurs around the clock to minimize disruptions with crews working day and night.

As part of the Cannon Renewal Project, a new fifth-floor vertical expansion of the building will be constructed by raising the roof and adding an additional 51 rooms to the building’s floor plan.

Scope of Work

Our D.C. team participated in the completion of the $10M phase 0 utilities work, $21M phase 1, $17.8M phase 2 as well as the $16M phase 3 project work providing electrical and distribution systems as well as fire & life safety systems.


Washington D.C.
, MD


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Architect of the Capitol – Cannon House Renovation

Architect of the Capitol – Cannon House Renovation