Architect of the Capitol – Cannon House Renovation

ArchKey/Mona Modernizes Historic Government Building, Preparing Its Functionality for Next 100 Years

The Architect of the Capitol Cannon house, dating back to 1908, recently underwent a comprehensive renewal. This overhaul, covering 826,465 square feet, elevated safety, health, operational, and environmental standards, ensuring its functionality for the next century.

To minimize disruptions, the 10-year renovation was strategically divided into phases, aligned with congressional move cycles. Phase 0 focused on utility installations, followed by phases 1-4 addressing different wings as well as a fifth floor expansion to add 51 rooms. Construction operated around the clock.

Scope of Work

In Phase 0, ArchKey/Mona revamped electrical and fire alarm systems, including feeders, transformers, switchgears, generators, and more. Our team replaced the existing main electrical distribution and fire alarm systems including nine 15 Kv feeders, none 1500 Kva MV network transformers, none network protectors, three switchgears, and fire alarm system within 3 levels of the garage. Work also included installation of a 2MW generator, a 3,000 amp emergency switchboard, and a 1200 amp load bank, as well as various other electrical, mechanical and lighting installations. ArchKey/Mona will provide support for future phased renovations.

Phase 1 involved historic preservation of the 283,000 sq. ft. United States Congress Members Chambers entailing new electrical systems, digital networks, lighting controls and LED upgrades.
Phase 2 of the Cannon House Office Building Remodel posed significant challenges. It took place during the height of the pandemic, adding complexity to an already accelerated schedule. The aim was to seamlessly blend the historic structure with state-of-the-art lighting control architecture, resulting in a remarkable achievement in historical preservation and the integration of modern energy-saving technology.
Key Features of the System:
  • Over 1,000 Individually Addressable Control Devices
  • 6 Digital Processor Panels
  • 3 Dozen Networked, Remote, Digitally Addressable Panels
  • 7 Points of Fire Alarm and Phase Loss Monitoring
  • Over 4 Miles of Control Cable
  • Modern Daylight Harvesting in All Office Spaces
  • Over 500 Wireless Control Devices
  • Multiple Points of HVAC Intregration via BACNet
  • Over 5,000 Digitally Addressable Historically Retrofitted Light Fixtures
  • Remote Web Server Integration
  • iPad, iPhone, iPod System Control Capability
  • Modern Floor Plan System Software
  • Remote Monitoring & System Optimization Capabilities
Our D.C. team played a pivotal role in various phases, contributing to the success of this multi-million dollar project.


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Architect of the Capitol – Cannon House Renovation

Architect of the Capitol – Cannon House Renovation