Essentia Health Hospital

New Healthcare Renovation Moves Mountains in Duluth, MN with Expansion of Hospital, Clinic and Outpatient Surgery Center

Essentia Health made one of the largest private investments in Duluth’s history in 2018 when it committed to transforming the downtown medical campus into a state-of-the-art medical facility.

Posing a unique challenge, the existing Essentia Health facility is surrounded by city infrastructure and roadways making expansion outward impossible. To solve this challenge, the facility is being built vertically into the hillside – adding 942,000 square feet on top of the already existing hospital structure.

The project is a new facility with renovation to the existing areas of the Essentia Health Duluth, Miller Dwan, and DC-1 Building to construct a new hospital, clinic, and outpatient surgery center to replace buildings on its downtown campus as well as renovate existing areas to accommodate both inpatient and outpatient services. The new facility has an approximate square footage of 942,000 square feet, containing 35,000 square feet of shelled space for future use.

Scope of Work

Our team’s scope of work included all preconstruction activities, civil, electrical, lighting and distribution systems as well as nurse call and security supplied by ArchKey Technologies.

ArchKey Technologies was contracted to design-build Essentia Vision Northland. During the design phase of the project, ArchKey Technologies worked with the design teams BOD criteria, providing a complete design for both the Public Safety and Neutral Host DAS system. Also in the design phase of the telecom rooms, ArchKey created mock TR setups with various manufacturers to assist wit hthe final selection of the metals and connectivity hardware. Through this process, rchKey was able ot show the advantages of utilizing white metals for the racking and wire management to enhance the in-room lighting and angled patch panels for connectivity to increase the amount of usable real estate. Additionally, using the design teams BOD, ArchKey provided complete designs for the paging system and area of refuge.

In total, the ArchKey team installed more than 500 card readers, 500 cameras, 40 intercoms, 2 Bosch intrusion detection systems into the dual pharmacies, and 16 elevator integrations which utilized a card reader in the cab and destination dispatch through a kiosk in the lobby. The new security system was integrated into existing multi-state card access and CCTV systems while Lenel/Milestone integration provided enhancement to the security features through visual icons and video feeds for access control devices and intercoms. Addiitonally, 78 patient rooms were outfitted with integrated cameras, speaker/microphone, and privacy switch for better patient monitoring/Telehealth options.


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Essentia Health Hospital

Essentia Health Hospital