George Washington University Science & Engineering Hall

The George Washington University Science and Engineering Hall is a 700,000 square foot, 8-story research facility. This state-of-the-art building features over 40 engineering and science laboratories, an auditorium, open atriums, a teaching tower, wet and dry labs, a nanotechnology fabrication facility, imaging facility, clean rooms, a 3,600 square foot greenhouse, common areas, mechanical penthouse, and administrative & faculty office space.

With over 500,000 square feet of the facility above ground, there is also 200,000 square feet below grade space used for program facilities and a four level parking garage.

Scope of Work

Power comes from a 13.2kV MV switchgear located in a separate building on campus. The MV power feeders were pulled through this existing building and through an underground tunnel into the SEH, terminating into two 13.2kV secondary unit substations. Power is transformed down to 277/480V to feed two 4000A switchboards. Power is distributed throughout the building via 1600A busduct run vertically throughout the building. Power is further distributed on every floor through integrated switchboards which contain panelboards, transformers and lighting control panels all contained in one board. These integrated boards feed over 100 lab panels that provide power to special equipment in the labs. Additionally, 12 runs of busduct distribute power to miscellaneous pieces of equipment within labs. Mona Electric installed the lighting system which includes over 9,000 light fixtures and two separate dimming systems incorporating the use of occupancy sensors and emergency dual switching throughout the building. Backup power is provided by two 1500kW generators that are paralleled at a 5000A paralleling switchgear. Critical loads are backed up with power from two 100kW UPS units located in the server farm and IT equipment rooms.


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George Washington University Science & Engineering Hall

George Washington University Science & Engineering Hall