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ArchKey Helps Lab Realize Energy Efficiency & ESG GOals with High-Efficiency Solar Solutions

ISE Labs, a high-tech semiconductor testing and development laboratory located in Silicon Valley, has launched an ambitious energy efficiency program aimed at significantly reducing power consumption. As part of this initiative, ArchKey’s Energy Services team explored various energy conservation strategies, including the adoption of fuel cells and photovoltaic systems.

To enhance energy production, ISE Labs opted for SunPower solar modules, renowned for their high efficiency. These modules are connected to a 225kW central inverter, strategically positioned on the existing HVAC equipment pad, complete with web-based monitoring tools. Prioritizing both functionality and aesthetics, ISE Labs sought a lightweight solar installation with minimal roof penetration. In response, ArchKey developed and implemented a wind-tunnel-tested, non-ballasted mounting system that meets these criteria while maintaining a sleek appearance.


Scope of Work

As an EPC partner for energy and low carbon solutions, our team provided full lifecycle support across the installation of this project including engineering and design support, site preparation, procurement services, installation, testing and commissioning. To ensure these systems meet our client goals, they are continuously monitored for energy output using state-of-the-art monitoring and reporting tools.

CA License #296728-C10 / AZ License #CR-11 ROC 347093


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ISE Labs

ISE Labs

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