MSG Sphere

ArchKey Technologies Helps Bring Las Vegas Sphere – Music, Film & Sports Venue – To Life

Built in partnership with The Madison Square Garden and Las Vegas Sands Corporation, this 336-foot-high and 516-foot-wide stadium is billed as the world’s largest spherical structure and the most technologically advanced stadium in the United States to-date. Built using six million pounds of steel, the Sphere’s dome alone weighs 13,000 tons and has a surface area of 220,000 square feet.

Dubbed as an “experience for the future”, the Sphere’s bowl-shaped theater contains the world’s highest-resolution wraparound LED screen measuring 160,000 square feet. The screen stretches from ground level to 250 feet high, wrapping all the way around the venue and will showcase animation or close up action of each performance.

Capable of seating 17,500 people, this venue was built for immersive music, film and sports experience with each seat boasting its own haptic system and personal Wi-Fi/Hi-Speed Internet. The haptic seats provide immersive experience to each audience goer that can match the event such as vibration for earthquakes as well as 4D machines that simulate wind, temperature and even scent effects. More than 160,000 speakers spread around the bowl deliver pristine sound to each and every seat whether that seat is in the top row or on the floor.

Illuminated each day and night, the 600,000 square foot exterior of this ground-breaking building is fitted with 1.2 million hockey puck-sized LEDs depicting both still and dynamic imagery on the highest resolutions screens in the world at 19,000 x 13,500 pixels – 100 times clearer than the best HD TV’s available in 2023.

Scope of Work

ArchKey Technologies completed the preconstruction for this project as well as audio visual, network, wireless, and security capabilities throughout the facility.


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MSG Sphere

MSG Sphere