Sprig Headquarters Solar Rooftop

Sprig is among the first electrical contractors in the nation to pair Tesla’s Powerpack battery with a 350 kW commercial roof-mount photovoltaic (PV) system to optimize energy savings. The pairing, installed by Sprig at their corporate headquarters in San Jose, cut the building’s total energy costs by 80-95%.

Scope of Work

The components of the system include 1,177 smart modules (solar panels) that are spread over 20,000 square feet of the building’s rooftop. The 500kWh/250 kW Tesla Powerpack battery system is installed in the Sprig Electric parking lot and is connected to the grid and the PV system. In addition to five 100 kW Powerpack commercial batteries, the system includes a 250 kWh inverter and a DC combiner. The footprint is approximately 10’ x 16’. After three years in place, the system paid for itself.


San Jose
, CA


Solution Offerings:

Sprig Headquarters Solar Rooftop

Sprig Headquarters Solar Rooftop