U of M Veterinary Isolation Lab

This design-assist project included a complete renovation and addition of a new 31,140 square foot space to the U of M Veterinary Isolation facility. This high-end research facility houses ABLS-2 and ABSL-3 biocontainment areas, BSL-3 lab space, and a small animal holding to support University research initiatives.

Scope of Work

The project consisted of the construction of a new Veterinary Isolation Facility for the University of Minnesota. This new facility will replace their existing, antiquated facilities that were constructed in 1958. This new facility will provide the infrastructure to allow the College of Veterinary medicine to become a leader in infectious disease research by attracting renowned faculty, securing more research grants, and facilitating collaborative research among departments. It will also support the University in its mission to protect the health of Minnesotans and livestock, create new diagnostic tests and surveillance systems, and developing new vaccines and treatments.

This project had very complicated pressurized zones that required penetrations to be completely sealed with no air leaks. To achieve this, interlocking doors had to be utilized. We worked closely with the construction team to seal all conduit penetrations and put together a door hardware matrix to make sure the interlocking doors worked properly.


Falcon Heights
, MN

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U of M Veterinary Isolation Lab

U of M Veterinary Isolation Lab