Uber Mission Bay 3 & 4

The Uber flagship building was completed in the fall 2021. This 11-story project is located on the Chase Center campus in San Francisco and within walking distance of Oracle Park. This office building was carefully designed with Uber’s advancements in technology and values in mind. Our team was brought onto the project to bring a modern and well-lit working environment. The Mission Bay offices, which adhere to California’s Title 24 energy requirements and Uber’s green business commitment, are equipped with innovative productivity boosters for Uber executives and employees alike.

Given Uber’s exponential growth in recent years, the interior space of the building totals over 200,000 square feet.

Scope of Work

Our team took point on this project and supplied all lighting and power to the building, including the Bespoke 7th story terrace which overlooks the Chase Center and the San Francisco Bay. Not only is this project one of the most employee-friendly office spaces in San Francisco, but it’s also one of the most unique buildings in the Bay Area.

CA License #296728-C10 / AZ License #CR-11 ROC 347093


San Francisco
, CA

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Uber Mission Bay 3 & 4

Uber Mission Bay 3 & 4