University of Minnesota Biomedical Discovery District

Our team worked with the University of Minnesota to construct a new 288,500 square foot new research facility for cardiovascular and cancer research. This building included chemistry and biology labs, lab support, shared instrumentation space, meeting and office space, food service, animal holding space with natural lighting, and Vivarium space where they house animals in their natural habit. In addition, this build also consisted of a separate campus chiller plant that serves this, as well as other buildings on campus.

Scope of Work

Our design-build scope included all lighting, distribution with the addition of two new 13.8 volt services, fire alarm, and all lighting control which included programming of lighting cycles in the Vivarium space to mimic natural lighting patterns of the habitats.

This project included a large 34,000 square foot vivarium which required careful planning of every conduit above the interstitial space so they would land at a few key access points in the vivarium. Utilizing our full-time, on-site BIM team, we were able to meticulously model every conduit above this space to accomplish this. Our team also modeled the underground in this area to limit the number of conduits that had to be run in the vivarium space.


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University of Minnesota Biomedical Discovery District

University of Minnesota Biomedical Discovery District