WUSM Campus Renewal

The Washington School of Medicine (WUSM) campus underwent a major construction and renovation project to transform the campus providing more space and making improvements to the existing campus spaces. Both the Barnes-Jewish Hospital (BJC) and the St. Louis Children’s Hospital (SJCH) expansions were part of this campus renewal adding over 754,000 combined square feet to the campus.

The substation portion of the project was a new utility substation for the BJC Campus Renewal to expand and replace the existing aging substation and infrastructure, install new medium voltage cabling, and tie into the existing Hospital utility infrastructure.

Scope of Work

The team’s scope of work on this design-assist project of the Barnes Jewish Hospital included a multi-phase approach beginning with the construction of the core and shell of the building. The core and shell included adding a 5kV 3000A main-tie substation with redundant utility feeds, distribution system, substations, installation of three generators on the 4th floor, MI cable, and generator controls, as well as all ground and lightning protection. The project was performed in multiple shifts where location made the logistics of the project a challenge.

Extensive BIM coordination and design were utilized for the construction of the elaborate conduit rack systems that fed electrical and mechanical equipment. The team took extreme cautions to ensure patients in the existing facility were protected from preventable downtime.

For the St. Louis Children’s Hospital, our work included a multi-phased approach beginning with the construction of the core and shell of the building. The core and shell included adding a 5kV distribution system, substations, installation of generators, as well as all ground and lightning protection.

Telecommunication systems were added next which included voice and data, fiber risers, fire alarm, fuel oil controls, nurse call, and security.

Our team worked as the prime contractor for the North Substation Upgrade to accept two new 14MVA 35kv transformers provided by Ameren in preparation for the new hospital buildings. We assembled a team of subcontractors that were familiar with high voltage substation work and took the responsibility of providing the necessary infrastructure for the new substation and transformers.

The $3M substation work included medium voltage switchgears, overhead bus duct, overhead utility substation structures, current limiters, fusing, metering, manholes, foundations for switchgear and transformers, oil containment piping, and fencing.
Two new 35KV:5KV transformers were installed while the existing substation remained operational.

New 5KV ductbank and manholes to connect to existing campus infrastructure. Ductbank installation included a traditional open trench with potholing and ground-penetrating radar to locate existing utilities. As-built conditions and located utilities were mapped using a Trimble total station and documented in a 3D utility model for the campus.
New 5KV cabling, splicing, terminations, and testing for new and existing feeders. Work included splicing new cables to cables in existing manholes.

Extensive phasing and coordination with the hospital campus were required to accomplish the cutover of existing service to the new substation while maintaining patient safety. Multiple phased cutovers were required to complete the transition.

Demolition and removal of the existing substation equipment and transformers after the new substation was commissioned.
Performed modeling of underground conduits and coordinated installation with other utilities.

Extensive start-up and commissioning included testing the utility transfer scheme between utility feeders. Additional testing verified operation of emergency generator plant and transfer switches in the new hospital towers on the loss of utility power after cutovers to the new substation were completed.

WUSM Campus Renewal

WUSM Campus Renewal