Utility, High Voltage & Sub Station

Our team of elite high voltage specialists deliver safe and reliable solutions for the infrastructure that powers our communities. With over 5 decades of experience, our team is recognized as an authority when it comes to getting work done reliably and safely.

Connecting Power to People.

ArchKey delivers solutions for the infrastructure that delivers electricity to the end user.

Fast Response Times for Outages

Experienced, Skilled & Certified Experts

Safe & Reliable Service

Utility & High Voltage Solutions

We offer services for high voltage transmission lines, distribution lines, storm damage, and substation installation. With the right tools, certifications, and experienced technicians, we’re recognized for our craftsmanship, job safety, and responsiveness.

We install, maintain, and repair networks of towers and transmission lines carrying high-voltage power from a power station, across great distances to substations. We deliver:

  • Transmission Systems up to 345kV
  • Site Preparation & Cleaning
  • Pole Foundation Installation
  • Wood & Steel Pole Erections
  • Wire Installation (Overhead, Underground & Fiber)

Our team installs, maintains, and repairs distribution lines carrying the electricity from the substation, overhead, and underground, delivering it safely to the end users. We supply:

  • Overhead & Underground Installation
  • Stringing, Sagging, & Clipping Lines
  • Testing
  • Transformers
  • Secondary Distribution Lines & Service Drops

Our team will quickly repair a single damaged pole to miles of lines when damaged by a storm. Safety & responsiveness are of utmost priority to us—getting you back up and running as quickly as possible. We provide:

  • Pole Replacement
  • Line Reconstruction
  • Stringing, Sagging & Clipping Lines
  • Energized Construction Repair

From site development and foundation installation to equipment installation and final restoration, ArchKey’s team is able to meet all of your construction needs for substations and switch years with our welded buss capabilities.

From installation and facility services to centralized asset management, ArchKey delivers service throughout your facility’s entire lifecycle.