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Keeping Your Facility Running With the Power of Scale

Regardless of your location and unique challenges, we ensure your facility remains operational when and where you need it most. We’re constantly rated among the nation’s most trusted service providers: our team of certified specialists provides unparalleled expertise and has exclusive access to many of the nation’s best resources.

We have worked in almost every environment and market, providing far more than the finest electrical and technology systems. Rather, we take a thorough look at your full asset management needs so you can maximize every opportunity.

Our Specialty Services

Commercial EV Chargers That Energize the Future

We’re revolutionizing the way businesses approach their EV charging initiative and sustainability. Our comprehensive services are designed to enhance your operations, attract customers, and contribute to an eco-friendly future.

Our full-service offerings include the following:

  • Funding Assistance

  • Site Preparation & Electrical Upgrades

  • Hardware Procurement and Customization

  • Professional Installation & Commissioning
  • EV Commercial Signage Packages

  • Uptime Monitoring & Packages

  • ESG & Carbon Neutrality Reporting

Energy Services/Renewables to Meet Your ESG Goals

With more than 50 years of industry experience providing dedicated, innovative solutions, we help clients meet their energy and ESG objectives, whether that’s offsetting energy costs, reducing their reliance on already-overwhelmed utility infrastructure, meeting regulatory requirements or reducing their carbon footprint.

Our expertise includes the following installation types:

  • Battery Storage

  • EV Service Equipment, including utility and site preparation, equipment and signage installation and ongoing maintenance

  • Ground Mounts, including fixed-tilt, single-axis tracker and dual-axis trackers
  • Canopy Mounts, including parking lot canopies, parking garage companies and shade structures

  • Roof Mounts, including canopy mounts, ballast mounts, sloped roof mounts and standing seam roofs

Fire & Life Safety Services You Can Count On

Nothing is more important than keeping your facilities and the people inside them safe. That’s why we work with the leading product manufacturers to ensure the systems we design adhere to the most stringent fire and safety requirements.

Fire Safety

From annual compliance checks to preventative maintenance and repairs, our NICET-certified team will ensure your systems operate the way they need to when they need to.

Our fire safety solutions include:

  • Sprinkler & Suppression Systems
  • Electric & Diesel Fire Pumps
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Fire Alarm Systems, Devices & Panels
  • Clean Agent & CO2 Systems
  • Fire & Smoke Control Systems

Life Safety

Your safety is our priority. We work with leading suppliers and distributors to provide and service integrated systems that are crucial for occupant health and protection.

Our life safety projects include:

  • Emergency Response, including emergency voice systems, distributed antenna systems, emergency gas systems & emergency responder radio coverage systems
  • Two-Way Communication: areas of refuge & elevator landings
  • Overhead Paging
  • Mass Notification Systems
  • Nurse Call
  • 24/7 System Monitoring Services

Controls, Automation & Instrumentation

Trusted by top names in the industry, our Controls & Automation team provides control, automation, instrumentation and system integration solutions built to last. We design, install and commission durable systems engineered to withstand any environment and stand the test of time.

Controls Design & Electrical Engineering Solutions

From projects ranging from a simple push-button station to a complex and fully-integrated multi-PLC system, we can handle any situation.

Industrial Control Programming Solutions

We have a vast amount of experience installing lighting for roadway signs and bridges, providing fiber to signs and installing electrical signs.

UL 508A Custom Panel Solutions

No matter the size or complexity of the project, our UL 508A panel shop creates handcrafted, durable panels with unmatched craftsmanship, precision quality and expertise.

CNC/Custom Enclosure Solutions

The CNC Steinhauer machine is a precision instrument that eliminates the time-consuming and costly manual process of measuring and cutting out holes for electrical enclosures. It enables us to do in minutes, which takes others hours.

Custom Label & Engraving Solutions

Whether you have specific industry and application standards, sanitation requirements or identification needs, our engraving solutions are custom designed and durable, regardless of the environment.

Instrumentation & Calibration Solutions

We provide full-service electrical and automation design, installation, instrumentation calibration and start-up support for any industrial project.


Civil Underground

When it comes to underground projects, we dig deeper—meaning we go beyond the expected to ensure unquestioned safety, dependability and regulatory compliance. Our licensed and bonded team specializes in a long list of civil underground solutions, giving you certainty below the surface.

Site Preparation

These include directional drilling, trenching, bus duct excavation, utility excavation and precast maintenance holes.

Signs & Communication Solutions

We help keep traffic moving. Our civil underground team is an efficient resource for the lighting of roadway signs and bridges, providing fiber to signs, and installing electrical signs.

Street Lighting & Traffic Signals

Our civil underground team improves safety for pedestrians and drivers with street lighting, traffic signals, roadway sensors and radar detection systems.

Line, Utility & Substation

Our team of elite high-voltage specialists is equipped with the right tools, certifications, and experience to deliver infrastructure services quickly, reliably and safely.

Transmission Solutions

We install, maintain, and repair networks of towers and transmission lines carrying high-voltage power from a power station across great distances to substations.

Distribution Line Installation Solutions

Our team installs, maintains and repairs distribution lines carrying the electricity from the substation, overhead and underground, delivering it safely to the end users.

Storm Damage Solutions

Our team will quickly repair a single damaged pole to miles of lines when damaged by a storm. Safety and responsiveness are a top priority—getting you back up and running as quickly as possible.

Substation Solutions

From site development and foundation installation to equipment installation and final restoration, ArchKey’s team can meet all of your construction needs for substations and switchgears with our welded bus capabilities.

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